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Beet Burgers Look Just Like Meat Burgers

So last night I decided to try a Roasted Beet-tofu Burger recipe that I found on one of my favorite blogs, FatFree Vegan Kitchen.  I never would have thought to try, let alone make a beet burger but my boyfriend ordered one at The Plant Cafe (formally known as Lettus) a while back and I thought it was awesome.  beet_burger_

The only thing I changed was adding Italian style bread crumbs to the mix and I left out the flax seeds because that’s what I had – and I deeply regret that alteration.  Before the addition of the bread crumbs the mixture tasted pretty good.  Afterwards…”Why did I do that?!”.  Anyway, I baked them about 10 minutes longer than suggested, flipped them over halfway through cooking, and slathered them with a chipolte aioli (as suggested on the original recipe).  The addition of a pile of thinly sliced tomato and arugula almost made up for the “Italian Bread Crumb Incident”.

I have to admit that I was a little shocked when I opened the oven halfway through cooking – they looked just like real animal meat patties! I assure you though, they do not taste like meat, nor would I want them to.  They’re earthy and healthy – just as a vegetable burger should be.

Again, I don’t have a photo of the fully constructed burger because, well, last night was the season premier of ‘House’ and I finished making these right at 8pm and had just enough time to throw ’em on a plate and leap over to the couch.  Besides, if you check out the original recipe here, you’ll see that I simply can’t compete with Susan’s photos…